A Grammar of Yakima IchishkiinlSahaptin

a grammar of yakima ichishkiinlsahaptin?

A Grammar of Yakima IchishkiinlSahaptin
Publication date: 2010
Number of pages: 529
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Yakima Ichishkiin/Sahaptin is spoken in the Yakama Nation, located in the
Pacific Northwest of the United States in what is now south central Washington State.
The Ichishkiin and Nez Perce languages comprise the Sahaptian Family, classified as a
member of the Plateau branch of Penutian. Ichishkiin speakers of a number of related
dialects, including Yakima, live in the southern plateau region along Nch ‘iwana, the
Columbia River, and its tributaries. The dialects are mutually intelligible, with slight
differences in phonology, morphology, lexical items and orthographic representation. The
fieldwork supporting this work was done in and around Toppenish, Washington with
elders of the Yakama Nation. There are few fluent speakers, but there is great interest in
language learning, teaching, and revitalization.


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