Archaeology Glossary English-Inuktitut-French

Archaeology Glossary English-Inuktitut-French
Author: Douglas R. Stenton
Publisher: Nunaviut Artic College, Nunatta Campus
Publication date: 1997
Number of pages: 48
Format / Quality: PDF / excellent
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Archaeology Glossary English | Inuktitut | French
Glossaire d’archéologie Anglais | Inuktitut | Français
Douglas R. Stenton, Ph.D.
Nunavut Arctic College, Nunatta Campus (Iqaluit, Nunavut)
Collège de l’Arctique, Campus Nunatta, Iqaluit (Nunavut)
1997 Edition
Archaeology Glossary
Glossaire d’archéologie
Funding provided by Secretary of State, Canada, under the Co-operation Agreement for French and Aboriginal Languages in the Northwest Territories.
Les fonds nécessaires à la réalisation de cet ouvrage ont été fournis par le Secrétariat d’État du Canada par le biais de l’Entente de coopération portant sur le français et les langues autochtones dans les Territoires du Nord-Ouest.
Copyright ©1997 by Nunavut Arctic College. All rights reserved.
Droit d’auteur ©1997. Collège de l’Arctique. Tous droits réservés.
ISBN: 1 896204-18-X
This glossary has been prepared as a resource for Interpreter/Translators who may be required to translate materials dealing with the prehistory and history of Arctic North America, as well as a primer for northern students interested in the science of archaeology. An attempt has been made to define the main terms used in technical and academic papers dealing with archaeology and related subject matters. Descriptions have also been included for certain of the more common artifacts recovered from Arctic archaeology sites.
I would like to thank Dr. Robert W. Park, University of Waterloo, for his constructive comments on an early draft of the glossary, and Dr. Susan Sammons, Nunavut Arctic College, for the opportunity to contribute to the Interpreter/Translator Program Glossary Series.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those whose hard work made the Inuktitut terminology development possible. Eileen Kilabuk, Connie Alivaktak, Jeanie Eeseemailee, Jeannie Katsak, Sheila Okkumaluk, Elizabeth Quluat and Alexina Kublu. Special thanks to Emile Immaroitok, and Seporah Inukshuk for their invaluable help. Thanks also to Dr. Jose Lopez Arellano for the French translation.
Douglas R. Stenton, Ph.D.
March 1997


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