Dictionary of the Lepcha-Language

dictionary of the lepcha-language?

Dictionary of the Lepcha-Language
Author: Albert Grunwedel
Publisher: Printed by Unger Bros.
Publication date: 1898
Number of pages: 575
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 25,3 MB

In presenting to the public the Lepcha-English dictionary of the late General G.B. Mainwaring, it is incumbent on me to explain the state of the manuscripts he left behind and the part which the editor has performed in making them ready for the press. Owing to a many years acquaintance with the language of a race, that was dying out, the General was imbued with predilection for his study, which plainly appears in his grammar), the only work he could publish. In the preface to this grammar (pg. Xxi) he promised that a Dictionary should follow should his health and circumstances permit.


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