Fray Bernardo de Lugo – Two Sonnets in Muisca

Fray Bernardo de Lugo – Two Sonnets in Muisca
Author: Nicholas Ostler
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Fray Bernardo de Lugo: Two Sonnets in Muisca
Nicholas Ostler
Linguacubun Ltd / London, UK
I. Overview of the Muisca Language
Muisca, also known as Chibcha, was spoken in the central altiplane of Colombia until the mid-eighteenth century. It is known from three missionary grammars (viz Lugo, 1619; Quijano Otero, 1883 and Lucena Salmoral, 1967, 1970; González, 1987) which also contain bilingual texts for pastoral use, and (in the case of the last) a Spanish-Muisca glossary. There is also at least one other (currently unpublished) Spanish-Muisca glossary (Vocabulario Mosco 1612)
II. Historical Context of Lugo’s Grammar and the Spanish Sonnet
III. The Muisca Sonnets: Textual Emendation, Analysis and Translation
IV. Metrics and Rhyme-Scheme
V. Conclusion
Whatever their purpose or autorship, it is fortunate that they were printed. For these twenty-eight lines are now the full extent of original literature known to have survived in Chibcha.

Remarks: Amerindian, Chibcha, Muisca, Colombia, extinct language

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