Kayardild morphology, phonology and morphosyntax

kayardild morphology phonology and morphosyntax?

Kayardild morphology, phonology and morphosyntax
Author: Erich Ross Round
Publisher: Yale University (PhD Thesis)
Date: December, 2009
Pages: 795
Format: vector pdf (7zipped)
Size: 14.4 MB
Target language: Kayardild
Source languages: English

Kayardild is a moribund language of the non Pama-Nyungan, Tangkic family,
traditionally spoken by the Kaiadilt people of the Southern Wellesley Islands located at
the southern end of the Gulf of Carpentaria, off the north coast of Australia. At the time
of writing, Kayardild is spoken in its traditional form by just one speaker, aged in her
mid-eighties. A cohort of younger speakers, all women of around sixty years of age, speak
a variety of Kayardild which is similar to the traditional language, with varying degrees of

Kayardild possesses one of, if not the, most exuberant systems of morphological concord
known to linguists, and a phonological system which is intricately sensitive to its
morphology. This dissertation provides a comprehensive description of the phonology of
Kayardild, an investigation of its phonetics, its intonation, and a formal analysis of its
inflectional morphology. A key component of the latter is the existence of a ‘morphomic’
level of representation intermediate between morphosyntactic features and underlying
phonological forms.

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