Lower Tanana Athabaskan Listening and Writing Exercises

Lower Tanana Athabaskan Listening and Writing Exercises
Author: James Kari
Publisher: Alaska Native Language Center
Publication date: 1991
Number of pages: 29
Format / Quality: PDF / good
Size: 579 KB

The Lower Tanana Athabaskan language is spoken by about seventy-five people in the villages of Minto and Nenana as well as in the city of Fairbabnks. Lower Tanana formerly had three dialects: Minto Flats and the Nenana River drainage (north of the Alaska Range); the Chena River area; and the Salcha River area. However, the Salcha dialect is quite divergent, and is rather transitional between Lower Tanana, Tanacross, and Ahtna. The following exercises are based on tape recordings of the Minto-Nenana dialect by Isabel Charlie, Peter John, and Evelyn Alexander.
Since few materials in the Lower Tanana language are available at this time, linguists at the Alaska Native Language Center have suggested several revisions in the writing system. With these changes, certain consonants are written just like those in neighboring Athabaskan languages, and the vowels are steamlined now with single letters. A summary of the changes in the writing system follows.

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