Noo Supu – Guhu-Samane Language – Triglot Dictionary

noo supu - guhu-samane language - triglot dictionary?

Noo Supu – Guhu-Samane Language – Triglot Dictionary
Author: Dr. Ernest L. Richert and Ttopoqogo Hoopusu
Publication date: 2002
Number of pages: 468
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 3,64MB

This dictionary, Noo Supu, is dedicated to the two men who worked tirelessly
together as “pinion feather brothers” to record the Guhu-Samane language for all
future generations. Defined within the covers of this book is the Guhu-Samane
word ‘ngingi’ – pinion feather(s); “figure of speech for intimate friends who
share a work load in common”. Just as a bird cannot fly without its pinion or
flight feathers, so each man depended on his ngingi, which they called each other.
Both men, called of God to their tasks, each brought his own unique contribution,
but bonded together to support one another to complete this book.

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