Some Notes on Phonological Phrasing in Lushootseed

Some Notes on Phonological Phrasing in Lushootseed
Author: David Beck
Publisher: University of Toronto
Publication date: N.A.
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Some Notes on Phonological Phrasing in Lushootseed
David Beck
University of Toronto
An examination of the Lushootseed phonological phrase reveals a
highly regular pattern of phrase-formation based on the status of lexical
elements as clitics or phonological words. Phrase-structure is reminiscent
of syllable-structure in that phrases consist of a nucleus (a single
phonological word) and an onset (a clitic); phrasal codas are ruled out,
clitics following a word within a phrase becoming incorporated as
affixes. Phrasing takes little account of syntactic boundaries, although
phrases are sensitive to complement-adjunct distinctions and certain
discourse processes; the reverse pattern—phonology affecting syntax—
is not observed, offering some support for derivational or serial models
of language where semantics and syntax precede phonology.

1. Introduction
(1) Lushotseed consonantal inventory
2. Phonological Phrasing
2.1 Words and Clitics
(4) Lushotseed adverbial particles
(5) Lushotseed adverbs
2.2 The Phonological Phrase
2.3 Clitic Sequences within Phrases
(21) Input: [WCCCW]
(23) Input: [AACW]
3. Phonology – Syntax Interactions
3.1 Phonology Overrides Syntax
3.2 Phrase Boundaries Reinforce Syntactic Boundaries
3.3 Syntax and Discourse Override Phonology
4. Conclusion


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