The nineteenth century Seri word lists: comparison and analysis

The nineteenth century Seri word lists: comparison and analysis
Author: Steven A. Marlett
Publisher: SIL-Mexico Branch Electronic Working Papers
Publication date: 2010
Number of pages: 61
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SIL-Mexico Branch Electronic Working Papers #008:
The nineteenth century Seri word lists: comparison and analysis
Stephen A. Marlett
Marlett, Stephen A. 2010. The nineteenth century Seri word lists: comparison and analysis. SIL-Mexico Branch
Electronic Working Papers #008. [] (©) SIL
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Version note
1 Introduction
2 Details about the word lists
2.1 The Ramírez & Lavandera list (1850)
2.2 The Bartlett list (1852)
2.3 The Tenochio list (1860)
2.4 The Pinart list (1879)
2.5 The Peñafiel list (1885)
2.6 The Loustaunau list (1887 or 1885?)
2.7 The McGee list (1894)
3 Phonology and general transcription issues
4 Phonetic facts
4.1 Consonant strengthening and vowel lengthening
4.3 Nasal velarization
4.4 Occasional open transition
4.5 Transitional consonants
4.6 Release of consonants in final position
4.7 Rounding assimilation
5 Phonological facts
5.1 Syncope
5.2 Coalescence
6 Morphological facts
7 Syntactic facts
7.1 Relative clauses
7.2 Possessor-Possessum
7.3 Determiner follows noun
7.4 Infinitival construction
8 Lexical facts
8.1 Compound nouns
8.2 Compound determiners
8.3 Archaisms
8.4 Lexicalized expressions and idioms
9 Semantic facts
9.1 ‘earth’ and ‘soil’
9.2 ‘sun’ and ‘day, ‘moon’ and month’, ‘land’ and ‘year’
9.3 ‘husband’ and ‘wife’
A Data A.1 Chapter 1: The physical world in its larger aspects
A.2 Chapter 2: Mankind: Sex, age, family Relationship
A.3 Chapter 3: Animals
A.4 Chapter 4: Parts of the body; Bodily functions and conditions
A.5 Chapter 5: Food and drink; Cooking and utensils
A.6 Chapter 6: Clothing; Personal adornment and care
A.7 Chapter 7: Dwelling, house, furniture
A.8 Chapter 8: Agriculture, vegetation
A.9 Chapter 9: Miscellaneous physical acts and those pertaining to arts and crafts, with some implements, materials, and products
A.10 Chapter 10: Motion; Locomotion, transportation, navigation
A.11 Chapter 11: Possession, property, and commerce
A.12 Chapter 12: Spatial relations; Place, form, size
A.13 Chapter 13: Quantity and number
A.14 Chapter 14: Time
A.15 Chapter 15: Sense perception
A.16 Chapter 16: Emotion (with some physical expressions of emotion); Temperamental, moral, and aesthetic notions
A.17 Chapter 17: Mind, thought
A.18 Chapter 18: Vocal utterance, speech; Music
A.19 Chapter 19: Territorial, social, and political divisions; Social relations
A.20 Chapter 20: Warfare and hunting
A.21 Chapter 21: Law
A.22 Chapter 22: Religion and beliefs


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