Warnman – English Dictionary English – Warnman Finderlist Thematic Wordlist 2010 + Warnman Interactive Dictionary 2006

warnman - english dictionary english - warnman finderlist thematic wordlist 2010 warnman interactive dictionary 2006?

Warnman – English Dictionary English – Warnman Finderlist Thematic Wordlist 2010 + Warnman Interactive Dictionary 2006
Author: Albert Burgman
Publisher: Wangka Maya
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-921312-10-6
Number of pages: 142
Format / Quality: PDF + software/excellent
Size: 9,3MB

Warnman Language and Speakers

Warnman is a Pama-Nyungan language belonging to the Nyungic South-West Group. It is one of the Wati subgroup related to the Western Desert Aboriginal languages.

Warnman country is in the Western Desert, locaterd in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Warnman country extends from the Rudall River area (Karlamilyi) north-west almost to Telfer. Warnman country goes up to Coolbro Creek in the west, and shares Cotton Creek and Parnngurr to the south. It includes Lakes Blanche, Winifred, George and Auld to the east. It also includes Punmu and Lake Dora, and extends into the Great Sandy Desert to the north-east.

There are less than 100 speakers of Warnman living in the Pilbara area. It is now spoken at Punmu, Parngurr, Nullagine and the associated community at Yirrangkaji, Jigalong, Newman, Strelley, Warralong, Marble Bar (Kurtapinya) and Hedland. Warnman has been used in language enrichment and revival programs in independent schools such as the Nomads Group of Schools at Mijiji Maya and the Punmu Community School.

This is the 2010 edition of the Warnman Dictionary. It is built directly on the Warnman Wordlist 4th Edition of 2003 and includes the research findings and information contained in the Warnman Sketch Grammar 2010. It has revised parts of speech, verb classes, homonyms, senses, synonyms and allomorphs. Further, it has more the example sentences, and greater use of scientific names to identify species.

Warnman Interactive Dictionary 2006
A Warnman interactive dictionary for your computer. The CD Rom include information about the language and speakers, the spelling system, a language to English finder feature, English to language finder feature, a search facility, automatic links to websites and lots more. Terrific resource for quick, easy location of words.
Produced and published by Wangka Maya 2006


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