Yanyuwa Wuka Dictionary and Grammar

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Yanyuwa Wuka Dictionary and Grammar
Author: John Bradley and Jean Kirton
Publication date: 1992
Number of pages: 636
Format / Quality: pdf – zip – very god quality
Size: 54,2MB

The Yanyuwa (also Yanyula, Anyula) language is spoken by the Yanyuwa people around the settlement of Borroloola (Yanyuwa burrulula) in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Yanyuwa, like many Australian Aboriginal languages, is a complex agglutinative language whose grammar is pervaded by a set of sixteen noun classes, whose agreements are complicated and numerous. Yanyuwa is ergative.

Yanyuwa is critically endangered, with just seven native speakers remaining. Despite this, the anthropologist John Bradley, who has worked with the Yanyuwa for three decades (and who also fluently speaks the language), has produced an enormous dictionary and grammar of the language along with a cultural atlas in collaboration with a core group of senior men and women, so Yanyuwa’s impending extinction may not be permanent.

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