Your perfect English pronunciation

Your perfect English pronunciation?

Your perfect English pronunciation
Author: Professor Higgins
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Approved by Institute of Introducing IT into Education, Russian Academy of Education.

The phonetics course is designed for those who, irrespective of their initial level of knowledge, want to understand the English speech and master English pronunciation (so-called BBC variant, which is the norm of speech on the English radio and television). All sections of phonetics have been recorded with the voice of William Shephard, who was a long time coordinator at UCLES.
A student can compare their pronunciation with the model not only using their hearing but also visually seeing the graphical speech representation, which was specially designed for the student to easily see the pronunciation mistakes. Our specialists have developed this form of representation rather than just use simple WAV PCM forms (usual representation of sound waves used in such programs as Microsoft® Sound Recorder, etc.)

The course includes a theory material and detailed references on how to use the program. The program includes approximately 5,000 vocabulary words. The exercises consist of a “step by step” process, beginning with sounds, and including study words, phrases, proverbs, thematic dialogues, dictation, verses, and even tongue twisters. The program vocabulary adds up to about 5000 words.

The course is applicable for self-study as well as for study with a teacher.

The interface of the program is in English, Spanish, Russian or German. folder

For setting the interface to English, refer to the enclosed manual 🙂

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