Practical Norwegian Grammar: Ase-berit strandskogen

practical norwegian grammar ase-berit strandskogen?

Practical Norwegian Grammar: Ase-berit strandskogen
Author(-s): Rolf Strandskogen, Ase-Berit Strandskogen
Publisher: Arthur Vanous
Publication date: June, 1989
Number of pages: 202
Format / Quality: PDF, RAR / Excellent
Language: Norwegian
ISBN-10: 8273620026
ISBN-13: 978-8273620026
Size: 43.3 MB

PRACTICAL NORWEGIAN GRAMMAR is an easy-to-use guide to correct usage in modern everyday Norwegian. The numerous examples illustrating grammatical problems which regularly cause difficulty to foreign learners help the reader to apply the grammatical rules in practice. Throughout the book, special attention has been paid to constructions which have proved difficult for learners of Norwegian.

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