Süryaniler – Dini Müzik, Halk Müziği

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Süryaniler – Dini Müzik, Halk Müziği (Syriacs – Religious music, Folk music)
Artists: Various
Publication: Kalan Music, 2002
Catalog #: Kalan 252-253
Format: 320k MP3 / 310MB RAR

This album opens a door into a hidden corridor of history that until now has only been available to insiders. For many centuries, Syriacs were identified with Christianity, but the history of this Mesopotamian population settled in South-East Anatolia can be traced as far as five thousand years ago. When they embraced the new faith in the first Century A.D., their tradition in all fields of intellectual education – grammar and poetry, philosophy and natural sciences – naturally made them preservers the original teachings of Christ, the Virgin Mary, the early Saints and Hermits of the desert. So the textual foundations of Christianity were laid in their language. But in the East, among the original Christian populations, the statements on the nature of Christ by Arius and Nestor gained widespread acceptance. They were condemned as heresies by the Councils of Nicea (Iznik) and Byzantium in the fourth Century: the hegemony of the Church of Byzantium brought the substitution of Syriac with Greek. …

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