Tam Kernewek (A Little Bit of Cornish)

tam kernewek a little bit of cornish?Tam Kernewek (A Little Bit of Cornish)
Author: Richard Gendall
Publisher: Sentinel Records, Newlyn, Penzance
Format: MP3 (vinyl rip w/ slight surface noise) / 256kbps (Duration: 51:38)
Size: 52.2 + 50.2 MB

Tam Kernewek (A Little Bit of Cornish) in 15 easy sections, complete with booklet of the text (no booklet in the post, sorry).
Just listen – or, listen and imitate. Put the record on as background and get on with your work; you’ll be surprised at how much you will learn without study.
The author, Richard Gendall, has been speaking Cornish since early childhood and, with his continuing studies and his genuine Cornish accent, he is accepted as a foremost authority on all aspects of the language. His short readings on the Sentinel L.P. “Crowdy Crawn” SENS 1016, will demonstrate alone his perfectly natural use of the language he loves.
“Modern Cornish is a living, usable language. It has great character and is a ‘pasty’ of classical Cornish from literature, of vernacular Cornish collected in the 17th & 18th centuries, of survivals into tradition and dialect in the 19th century and of resurrected Cornish of the 20th century. The pronunciation of Cornish in ‘Tam Kernewek’ is based on that revitalized by Henry Jenner at the turn of the century, itself based on the latest traditions of the language then existing. This should make you feel more at home when studying the map of West Cornwall or when moving around the area, for the place names will have a familiar ring in your ears”.


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