A Handbook of the Cornish Language

a handbook of the cornish language?

A Handbook of the Cornish Language
Author: Henry Jenner
Publisher: David Nutt, London
Publication date: 1904
Number of pages: 248
Format / Quality: djvu / good
Size: 5.56 MB

This book is principally intended for those persons of Cornish nationality who wish to acquire some knowledge of their ancient tongue, and to read, write, and perhaps even to speak it. Its aim is to represent in an intelligible form the Cornish of the later period, and since it is addressed to the general Cornish public rather than to the skilled philologist, much has been left unsaid that might have been of interest to the latter, old-fashioned phonological and grammatical terms have been used, a uniform system of spelling has been adopted, little notice has been taken of casual variations, and the arguments upon which the choice of forms has been based have not often been given…

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