Teach Yourself Body Language

teach yourself body language?
Teach Yourself Body Language (Social Science)
Publisher:Teach Yourself Books
Pages: 184
Format: PDF
Size: 66 MB

We all use body language. Over 90% of all face-to-face communication is non-verbal, and the silent messages of body language often reveal more than the spoken word in conveying true feelings. These messages are particularly significant in influencing first impressions and the self-image we project to others.
Teach Yourself Body Language gives you the knowledge and understanding to be able to use and interpret body language more effectively. It includes practical exercises that will enhance your understanding of non-verbal communication. It also explores the use of body language in personal and professional situations.
All aspects of body language are covered, including features of the workplace, and features exhibited in an international context.
Gordon Wainwright, BA, BEd, is a specialist in communication studies, whose books inlcude ‘Business Writing in a Week’ and ‘Tricky Business Letters’. As a consultant in human resouce development he conducts regular seminars for local and central governments departments and a number of multinational companies on subjects which include the use of body language in business meetings and negotiations and other professional contexts.

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