Krippes Karl A. Kyrgyz-English Dictionary

krippes karl a kyrgyz-english dictionary?

Krippes Karl A. Kyrgyz-English Dictionary
Author(-s): Karl A. Krippes and contributing editors – Jusaev Joldosh, Sydykova Damira, Djusupbekova Asel, Jusaeva Darika
Publisher: MD, Dunwoody Press
Publication date: 1998
Number of pages: 653
Format / Quality: PDF / Excellent
Language: English, Kyrgyz
ISBN 1-881265-12-9
Size: 226.18 MB

This dictionary of 12,465 entries is a partial description of the Kyrgyz lexicon based on 275,493 words of text, which provided some 16,846 example phrases and sentences. These entries include 1,157 words with more than one meaning, and roughly 10% of the entries are not found in any other Kyrgyz dictionary. We based the corpus for this dictionary on contemporary newspapers. Newspapers were chosen because of the variety of subjects usually covered in each paper, and because of the up-to-dateness of the language. One may take exception to ‘newspaper-ese’, but we had to assume that the articles were written by professional writers, and had received at least minimal editing.

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