Qik?rtarmiut Alutiitstun/Sugt?stun. Kodiak Alutiiq Language-Teaching Resource Workbook

qikrtarmiut alutiitstunsugtstun kodiak alutiiq language-teaching resource workbook?Qik’rtarmiut Alutiitstun/Sugt’stun. Kodiak Alutiiq Language-Teaching Resource Workbook
Author: Alokli Nick.
Publisher: Native Village of Afognak
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 979-462-883-2
Number of pages: 115
Format: pdf+audio
Size: 145MB

This language resource workbook provides teachers with access to thematically arranged core vocabulary and conversational phrases, as well as a starting point for developing relevant activities using the TPR method. Within each of the 40 vocabulary groups there are several activities recommended for teaching students. Many activities can serve as stand alone lessons for the day or be stretched over several days; whereas others might be paired together as appropriate. Most activities should be repeated several times over a period of time to strengthen retention and build fluency.
Throughout our vocabulary lists some English words have multiple translations into Kodiak Alutiiq, separated with a ;. We have also designated words that are specific to the Northern dialect as (N) and to the Southern dialect as (S), separating them using a /.


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