Teach Yourself Polish + CD

teach yourself polish cd?

Teach Yourself Polish + CD
Author(-s): M. Corbridge-Patkaniowska, Nigel Gotteri, Joanna Gray
Publisher: Roy Publishers; McGraw Hill
Publication date: 2003
Number of pages: 300
Format / Quality: PDF, DJVU, MP3, RAR / Excellent
Language: English, Polish
ISBN: 978-0071431675
Size: 96.2 MB

Polish is the state language of the Polish Republic. It is a member of the western sub-group of the Slavonic languages, a family which includes Bulgarian, Russian, Ukranian and other languages. As well as nearly 40 million speakers in Poland itself, Polish is spoken by an estimated 10 million Poles abroad. This book is intended to help you progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking and writing Polish. Twenty thematic units increase in complexity, as they move from dealing with everyday situations to talking about the past and making plans. The emphasis is on communication throughout, with important language structures introduced through dialogues in each unit. These build up to give you a command of the essential phrases necessary for a trip to Poland. Exercises are included so that you can practice the language as it is introduced, and tips throughout should help with the grammar. Aspects of life in Poland are also detailed to give a context to the language.


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