Dicionario Houaiss da lingua portuguesa (CD-Rom)

dicionario houaiss da lingua portuguesa cd-rom?
Dicionario Houaiss da lingua portuguesa (CD-Rom)
Author: Antonio Houaiss
Publisher: Objetiva
Publication date: 2001
ISBN: 857302383X
Number of pages: 2922
Format: CD-ROM
Size: 50,1 Mb

The “Dicionário Houaiss da língua portuguesa”, with 228,500 entries, is the biggest Portuguese dictionary available, and the third biggest in any language. I use it whenever I read a word that I don’t know. I often carry it with me in my backpack, although it weighs some 6.6 pounds. The level of detail in the definitions makes the dictionary authoritative. Also, it has features that you can’t usually find in other dictionaries (even “The New Oxford Dictionary of English”). For example, if you look for “parrot”, after the definition you’ll find a set of verbs that represent the parrot’s making a noise: “chalrar, charlar, falar, palrar, palrear, taramelar, taramelear, tartarear, vozear.” Also, whenever it’s possible, it shows the evolution of words throughout time, considering evidence from literature: abat-jour (1880), abaju (1899) and abajur (1880 and currently).


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