Word Order in Brazilian Portuguese

word order in brazilian portuguese?
Word Order in Brazilian Portuguese
Author: Glaucia V. Silva, Gl Ucia V. Silva
Series: de Gruyter Studies in Organization (Book 57)
Number of pages: 200 pages
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publication date: August 23, 2001
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3110171937
ISBN-13: 978-3110171938
File: 5 Mb PDF

This book is a new contribution to syntactic theory. The reader will find a clear overview of the central facts concerning Brazilian Portuguese (BP) word order, as well as a comparison to the facts in other Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, and French). In relating other Romance languages to BP, the book shows that BP word order has a number of interesting restrictions that set this language clearly apart from the other Romance languages. This volume provides accounts for declaratives and interrogatives found not only in BP but also in the other Romance languages discussed, taking into consideration parametric differences among the languages studied.


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