Aula de Galego 2

aula de galego 2?

Aula de Galego 2
Date of issue: 2009
Number of pages: 160
Publisher: Xunta de Galicia
Format: pdf
Size: 314MB (pdf)/8MB (compressed) 23MB (mp3)
Scan quality: Good

An intermediate-level course in Galician designed to take you to the B1 level (CELGA 2). Comes with an audio CD.
Un curso de gallego para estudiantes de nivel intermedio diseñado para prepararte para la CELGA 2 (el nivel B1). Viene con audio.

pdf (314MB):
pdf compressed (8MB – some of the pages are a little blurrier, especially in the beginning, but the actual course still looks nice):
mp3 (23MB):

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