Occitan Language

Occitan Language
Author: Dàvid Uhlár
Number of pages: 22
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Our language is mainly spoken in France where it is not officialized in spite of a huge number of claims from its speakers. It is also spoken in Italy (las Valadas) and Spain (Val d’Aran), where it has an official status. The word Occitan, already in use more than 700 years ago, comes from “òc” (mainly pron. [ò]) which means “yes” in our language.
Currently it is difficult to know its exact number of speakers but it’s worth noting that Occitan was THE European language in the Middle Ages (remember the Trobadors). Nowadays, lots of people try to protect the original language of Occitània but the harm’s already done: like other languages of the french State, Occitan is very endangered. I hope this modest page (my modest contribution to a Country I love) will bring its small brick to the wall of survival of la polida lenga nòstra. Never forget before learning our
language that, despite what claims France to make a fool of us, Occitan is not a dialect or a patois of French; it is a true language with its own rules; a language written and sung much before French (French is nothing more than le patois du roi (the king’s dialect) itself…)

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