Portuñol – Spanish and Portuguese: a deadly kiss

portu241ol - spanish and portuguese a deadly kiss?Portuñol – Spanish and Portuguese: a deadly kiss
Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: uztranslations
Publication date: 2000
Number of pages: 151
Format: PDF – High
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Two papers and a complete thesis on Portunhol, dating 1987 and 2000. It seems that Spanish and Portuguese do not only coexist, they also dance, cheek-to-cheek.
The first paper is titled “O portunhol é uma interlíngua?”, by E. Faulstich. The title is already intriguing and the question a difficult one to answer. The second paper is titled “Portunhol selbaje” Fixação ou vazão de sentidos: Um estudo de caso, by A. dos Santos Texeira. Linguists now recognize the existence of what they call “portunhol salvaje”, and they dare to present a small glossary.
We also include “Español y Portugués en la Península Ibérica y en América latina: dos situaciones de contacto lingüístico”, a thesis by Irena Stefanova-Gueorguiev which thoroughly analyzes the contact-area of Spanish and Portuguese in both Europe and South America.


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