Teach Yourself Romanian

teach yourself romanian?Teach Yourself Romanian
Author: Dennis Deletant & Yvonne Alexandrescu
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 1997 & 2003?
Number of pages: 256 (2003 Ed)
Format: mp3 (192 Kbps for 1997 Ed, 128 Kbps for 2003 Ed, jstereo, 44.1 Khz) / good quality
Size: 81.5 Mb & 59.0 Mb (zip files)

Here are 2 audio sets for Romanian in the “Teach Yourself a language” collection.
The first one was ripped from cassettes (1997 edition).
The second one was ripped from CD (2003? edition).
The book (missing here, but anyone is welcome to provide it) was written by Dennis Deletant & Yvonne Alexandrescu:
– Dennis Deletant is Professor of Romanian Studies, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College, London.
– Yvonne Alexandrescu taught in Romanina for 20 years. She now teaches Romanian to corporate and government sectors.

mirror audio
mirror book

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