abbyy lingvo x5 home edition 15 0 511 0?

Title: ABBYY Lingvo X5 Home Edition 15.0.511.0
Author: Abbyy Software
Publication Date: 2011
Quality: Very Good
Format: Setup executable (.exe)
Size: 2.3gb
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Dictionary Languages: English, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Tatar, Kazakh, Chinese, Finnish, Hungarian, Latin.

Home version of ABBYY Lingvo x5 Twenty Languages:
– 8,100,000 entries
– 56 new and updated dictionaries
– The English-Russian school dictionary compatibility Kaul MP, Khidekel SS, 2010
– Renewed application for effective learning words Lingvo Tutor
– Illustrated Dictionary of New Oxford ® American Dictionary of 1000 images
– Grammar English Dictionary
– Updated Dictionary Oxford ® Dictionary of English, 3rd Edition
– New French-Russian dictionary of the active type, © «Russian Language Media, 2008, VG Gak, J. Triomphe, and others
– 76000 voiced words and phrases in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Ukrainian languages.


Instructions inside of the package..

if you are interested in the professional version we have it here: Abbyy lingvo x5 professional by loginout

Thanks for downloading, mirrors are welcome!

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