Russian for Mathematicians

russian for mathematicians?
Russian for Mathematicians
Author: O. I Glazunova
Publisher: St. Petersburg University Press
Publication date: 1997, 2004
Format: RaR -> DjVU
Number of pages: 357
File Size: 15,5 Mb

“Russian for Mathematicians’ is a complex textbook for those beginning to study Russian, but it will also be useful for those already able to read mathematical texts and is intended to improve their knowledge. The textbook is intended for self-study. It can also be used by a teacher for class work with students of the mathematical sciences. The main aim of the textbook is to explain lexical and grammatical rules as well as stylistic constructions ubiquitous in mathematical texts.
The textbook is composed of an introductory phonetical course and a main course. In the
introductory course the students learn letters and their corresponding sounds in Russian along with vocabulary and grammar. All grammatical material is carefully selected to encompass the main structural features of the Russian language. At the end of every lesson rules for reading Greek and Latin letters, mathematical expressions and parenthetical constructions of mathematical texts are given. In the textbook special rubrics are included introducing various aspects of life in Russia as well as the most common abbreviations and peculiarities of the Russian epistolary genre.
The main course is divided according to the main mathematical sciences. Each sections begin with relevant vocabulary followed by an extract from a textbook on the particular topic. Grammatical and scientific style constructions in the text are explained subsequently in commentaries describing peculiarities of their usage and prepositional and case structure of words included in them. After the topic has been covered exercises are given, aimed at activisation and revision of the preceding material. Most sections comprise several subsections; at the end of every section a text is presented about twentieth century Russian mathematicians: N. N. Luzin, I. M. Vinogradov, 1. G. Petrovsky, A. N. Kolmogorov, P. S. Alexandrov, A A. Markov, V. N. Faddeyeva and D. K. Faddeev.
All the commentaries in the textbook are in English. At the end of the textbook grammar
tables, clues to the exercises, a general table of the rules for reading of Greek and Latin letters, and mathematical expressions can be found. The textbook contains a brief Russian-English glossary. For greater depth the author recommends the use of A. J. Lohwater’s ?Russian-English Dictionary of the Mathematical Sciences? edited by R. P. Boos, or any dictionary of the Russian language

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