the road to rocroi class culture and command in the spanish army of flanders 15671659?

Title: The Road to Rocroi: Class, Culture and Command in the Spanish Army of Flanders, 1567–1659
Author: Fernando Gonzáles de León
Publisher: Brill
Publication Date: 2009
Number Of Pages: 425
Quality: Excellent
Language: English
Format: .pdf
Size: 5.6mb

The Eighty Years War (1567-1659) has been the subject of important monographs but the high command of the Army of Flanders, which played a decisive role in the making of Spanish strategy and was in charge of its tactics, has eluded detailed scrutiny. This work, the first study of an early modern officer corps, examines the culture, class structure, and combat effectiveness of the largest army of its day. Combining approaches and insights from social, cultural and military history, it traces the evolution of the leading cadres of the legendary tercios in relation to major trends such as aristocratization and military modernization while revising recent perspectives on Spain’s war against the Dutch and the French in the Low Countries.

Combining approaches and insights from cultural, social and military history this study traces the evolution and decline of the Spanish officer corps and general staff during the Eighty Years War in connection with contemporary trends such as modernization and aristocratization.



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