Sokout [The Silence]

sokout?Sokout [The Silence]
Publication date: 1998
Country: Tajikistan / Iran
Genre: Arthouse / Drama
Director and writer: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Cast: Khurshed Nurmatov, Nodira Abdulloeva, Saodat Teshaboeva, etc.
Format: avi (Divx)
Size: 695 Mb
Language: Tajiki

Khurshed, a blind 10-year-old boy, lives in post-civil war Tajikistan. He has a perfect ear for music, so he earns money for himself and his mother by tuning musical instruments. For Khurshed, the world is made of sounds. And he is always late for work, because beautiful music–and we’re talking about Tajik Music here, mind you–makes him literally go astray.
This work by Makhmalbaf is relatively unknown compared to his other (chef d’)oeuvres like “Gabbeh” or “Noon va goldoon”. Still, it was nominated for Golden Lion at 1998 Venice Film Festival.
A review (as critical as it may get in this particular case.)
A DVD review with nicely chosen stills from the movie:
My opinion: sheer beauty. So beautiful it hurts. …Oh, and by the way, it also gives you a rare chance to listen to Tajiki language. (There is also a tiny wee bit of Russian, and a song in what sounds like Turkmen.)
Highly recommended.


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