Tajiki: An Elementary Textbook (Volume 1)

tajiki an elementary textbook volume 1?
Tajiki: An Elementary Textbook (Volume 1)
Author: Nasrullo Khojayori
Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Georgetown University Press
Edition: Pap/Cdr Bl edition
Publication date: May 28, 2009
Language: Tajik & English
ISBN-10: 1589012631
ISBN-13: 978-1589012639
File: pdf & iso 350 Mb

Designed to cover the beginning and lower-intermediate college levels of language instruction, each volume of Tajiki: An Elementary Textbook uses the latest pedagogical thinking to teach basic communication skills and linguistic forms in their cultural context. Tested in the classroom, Tajiki enhances students’ exposure to the language by providing the only authentic video and audio available in Tajiki. Each volume contains one PC-only CD-ROM that includes authentic audio and video materials to accompany the text and extra exercises, all in Flash format and all of which are keyed to the textbook. Each book also includes an extensive glossary, maps of the world labeled in Tajiki, and four-color illustrations and photographs throughout.
Topics Covered Volume One: Greetings, the Tajiki alphabet, the classroom, professions, introductions, nationalities and places of origin, weather, telling time, family, money, food
Volume Two: Sports, cooking and ordering meals, clothing, travel, months, seasons, holidays, body parts, medicine, university life, housing (city and village), regions and religions of Tajikistan
Minimum System Requirements• Intel® Pentium® II 450 MHz or faster processor (or equivalent); Mac OS 10.4 or higher• 128 MB of RAM• CD Drive• Speakers or headphones
On a PC, files will load automatically.On a Mac, double click on the disk icon. Then, double click on the program icon that looks like an “f” in a red square labeled, “TajikiVolumeOne.”


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