Fundamentals of the Thai Language (Fifth Edition)

fundamentals of the thai language fifth edition?

Fundamentals of the Thai Language (Fifth Edition)
Author: Stuart Campbell, Chuan Shaweevongse
Publisher: Paragon Books
Publication date: 1972/2006(Html)
Number of pages: 632
Format / Quality: PDF/excellent
Size: 13.58MB

Fundamentals of the Thai Language (Fifth Edition)

This book is an attempt to introduce the Thai language from an English speaking foreigner’s point of view; to provide a useful vocabulary; to illustrate the various constructions used in simple sentences and to deal completely with the Thai alphabet and the system of indicating the Tonal Values of the words

The ebook contains 26 chapters and 11 appendices. The chapters cover the Thai alphabet and basic reading; the complete Thai tone rules; oral spelling; special symbols used in writing; formal, polite and common words; inherent vowels; pronunciation of predisposed vowels; silent consonants and vowels; spelling peculiarities; past, present, continuous, and future tense; There are many notes on the usage of particular words, as opposed to a similar word. There are also reading and comprehension exercises.

Thai can be a difficult language to learn mainly because it is a tonal language. One word can have several different meanings depending on the tone used when speaking. Take, for instance, the word mai…depending on the tone when said it can mean: Not, new, burn, silk, and wood. In all there are five tones used in the Thai language and they are: Low tone, mid tone, high tone, rising tone, and falling tone.

Thai language is rendered in writing with the help of the Thai alphabet, which has its roots in the Khmer alphabet, an alphabet that resembles the Brahmic script – consequently with Indic influences. The Thai alphabet is also linked to the Lao alphabet, and the Laotians can easily understand the Thai writings.

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Remarks: i found this book in Html format, edited, put the front and backcover and converted it to PDF

“this is more of a language course than a grammar book, it does have a strong emphasis on basic grammar and outlines some key differences from English which is useful for beginners. Each topic is presented with basic vocabulary lists and example conversations.”

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