Thai-English Student’s Dictionary

thai-english students dictionary?

Thai-English Student’s Dictionary
Author: Mary R. Haas
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Publication date: 1964
ISBN: 9780804705677
Number of pages: 667
Format / Quality: PDF-scanned/good
Size: 70 MB

This is the first new Thai-English dictionary by an American Scholar to appear in over twenty years . It includes many new words and new uses of old words that have entered the language since World War II , and it employs the latest official spelling of words (based on the Thai-Thai Government Dictionary of 1950), with some older spelings cross-referenced to the present spelling .
Its 20,000 entries are presented in a single alphabetical listing : standard vocabulary items , names of peoples and organizations , place names , and abreviations .
The pronunciation of words is shown in a scierntific writing which includes five tones , stress within rhythm groups , and intonation whenever clauses or sentences are cited . The pronunciation guide is not a translation ; rather it is the standard pronunciation used by educated speakers in Bangkok , which often differs from the traditional spelling in tone and vowel length .
Levels of usage -vulgar , common , colloquial , elegant , royal , and sacerdotal – are indicated whenever pertinent . Slang terms and idioms are included , and for words that American students find difficult there are gramatical comments and ample examples of usage .
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