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Author: various
Publisher: various
Publication date: 2003-2004-2010 and others*
Number of pages: 900 pages + /-
Format / Quality: PDF/excellent
Size: 228MB.rar

*Thai Reader Project VOL 1-2 (2010) Vol 1 278 pages + Vol 2 215 pages

The authors have attempted to create effective lessons in the reading of Thai that will help
learners progress from the level of basic literacy to reading at the advanced level. The lessons are
based on authentic readings of the sort that learners of Thai will encounter in daily life in Thailand,
ranging from basic informational texts such as menus, time tables, newspaper advertisements, and
the like, to more complex texts such as news articles, editorials and short narratives.
*Advanced Thai Reading and Vocabulary Building Volume 1-2 + Vocabulary Lists for Volume 1 and Volume 2 By Hugh Leong — ( Vol 1 85 pages + Vol 2 138 pages + Vocabulary list(22 pages) )

Speaking Thai is difficult enough but some people believe that reading Thai is virtually impossible for a westerner. Of course that is not true. But what is true is that learning to read Thai takes quite an effort.

There are quite a few books, and online programs that can help you to begin to read Thai . But there are a lot fewer advanced books that will help you once you have achieved a beginner’s proficiency.

So, when I needed to work at a more advanced Thai reading level, I wrote my own textbooks (for myself to begin with). It turns out that reading is one of the best and quickest ways to build a solid Thai vocabulary.

“Hugh Leong”

VOL 1- Contains 25 short reading lessons and a glossary of hundreds of new vocabulary words.
VOL 2- Contains 25 reading lessons, glossary of more than 350 words, Thai abbreviations, English transcribed words.
VOL 3- Vocabulary List for Volumes 1 and 2 – Contains all the vocabulary, glossary, abbreviations, and English words written in Thai for Volumes 1 and 2. Convenient for printing to use as a reference.

* Visitor’s Phrasebook-(Andaman Discoveries) 20 pages

Although the language barrier in Thailand may seem a hindrance at times, trying to communicate can also be a fun and rewarding experience.

Using physical actions to convey a meaning often works and learning a little bit of the local language is always appreciated by the Thai people. The main thing is to make the effort and have fun.

The following book has been provided to help enhance the communication between yourself and your host family, leading to a more enjoyable visit. We hope you find it useful and would appreciate your feedback to improve its content.

Introduction ———————————————- 4
Thai Language ——————————————- 4
Greetings & Introductions ——————————- 5
Conversation & Essential Phrases———————– 6
Language Difficulties ———————————— 9
Homestay Activities————————————– 9
In the Homestay —————————————– 10
Directions ———————————————— 11
Health and Emergencies——————————— 12
Family —————————————————- 12
What You Will See ————————————— 14
Eating—————————————————– 14
Common Dishes—————————————— 16
Time and Dates —————————————— 16
Numbers————————————————– 18
Notes —————————————————– 19


*THAILAND BANGKOK MISSION 1000 word List- (104 pages)

First edition published December 1993 Second edition published Jan-2004

This list of Thai vocabulary words was drafted back in 1993 and that original copy stayed in use until early 2004. Various errors have been fixed in this edition, as well as the addition of Thai script and this introduction and the appendix. If perchance you find an error, or if you have any words of suggestion, comment, complaint, or appreciation, please contact the office.

—The Editor


* The FREE Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary-( 71 PAGES)

And while you won’t find an overview in this document, you will get miles and miles of useful Thai vocabulary and phrases. For the overview, you’ll need to purchase a copy of The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast at or your favourite book store (take my affiliate link off the url if you so choose).

While this pdf may not be pretty (I gave up worrying about the page breaks), the file is functional. For easy viewing, this document is designed to print out landscape (long, not tall). Depending on what you want to study, you can fold the pages to see either the English with Thai script, or the English with transliteration. Feel free to cut and paste the Thai vocabulary and phrases to suit what you need to learn. You can also copy them into your SRS (Spaced Repetition Systems) of choice.

The page numbers are there to assist those following along with Myke’s book, The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast. Due to
the size of the project, only the phrases and vocabulary listed in the book are included here. More Thai vocabulary and phrases, with sound,
will come later.

Three Thai friends helped with the project (thanks guys!) Then, after getting permission from Myke Hawke to share my list with readers of
Women Learning Thai, Rikker from Thai 101 fine-tuned the collection. Rikker is amazing. And yes, I am indebted to everyone for making this

As Thai language learning is never straightforward, you’ll find additional notes from Rikker at the bottom of the list.

Catherine (cat) Wentworth
Women Learning Thai… and some men too 😉

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