The Thai System of Writing

The Thai System of Writing
Author: Mary R. Haas
Publisher: American Council of Learned Societies
Publication date: 1956
Number of pages: 120

Format / Quality: PDF in RAR made from US goverment microfiche
Size: 3.4 Mb

All words cited in the present book are followed by phonetic transcription allowing students to learn the writing system through self-study.

Chapters included in the text are:
(1) “Thai Consonants and Their Names,”
(2) “Vocalic Symbols,”
(3) “Tonal Markers,”
(4) “Initial Consonants,”
(5) “Final and Medial Consonants,”
(6) “Other Irregularities,” and
(7) “Numerals and Special Signs.”
A representative samplings of Thai handwriting is included.

This is a cleaned and ocr’d version. The original can be found at at: ED089536


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