Visual Dictionary Gold

visual dictionary gold?

Visual Dictionary Gold
Publisher: Perfect Vision
Publication date: 2005
Format / Quality: Exe
Size: 2.55GB

Visual Dictionary Gold Software
Learning English for Thai speakers 8 CD Set

At last interactive software specifically made for Thai speakers to learn English with superb graphics and sound. The Visual Dictionary Gold series continues from the basic Visual Dictionary Introduction set and allows practice in conversational English.

Each CD has numerous pictorial screens. Click on the objects to get the English word in text and sound. There are also interactive, vocabulary and practice modes.

System Requirements:

* Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
* Pentium 150 MHz. or better
* 64 Megabytes of RAM or better
* 256 Colors 800×600 or better
* Microsoft DirectX Compatible Sound (most systems)

Windows CD
Bangkok 2005
Perfect Vision

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Password: no

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