Author: Norbu ChophelPublisher: Paljor Publications Publication date: 2000 (First Print 1989)Number of pages: 129Format / Quality: djvu / goodSize: 1.5 MB

say it in tibetan conversations in colloquial tibetan?

Author: Norbu Chophel
Publisher: Paljor Publications
Publication date: 2000 (First Print 1989)
Number of pages: 129

Format / Quality: djvu / good
Size: 1.5 MB

The book will be your bridge to cross over the Tibetan language barrier. All the Tibetan words and sentences are given in English phonetics as they are pronounced/sound in colloquial Tibetan and not as they are written to give you a proper training in conversation in colloquial Tibetan.

The book is designed to equip the students with the knowledge of conversing in Tibetan to enable them to mingle with the natives. Conversations are presented in a number of situations where the foreigners are most likely to find themselves in with the natives.

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