A Practical Guide to Localization

A Practical Guide to Localization
Author: Bert Esselink
Publisher: Language International World Directory
Year: 2000
Format: PDF
Size: 56.65 MB
Language: English

A Practical Guide to Localization was written for technical translators, localization engineers, testing engineers, desktop publishers, project managers, and anyone else who may be involved in the release of multilingual products.In this second edition, translators can learn more about localizing software, online help and documentation files, and the latest translation technology tools. Localization engineers can learn all about developing, engineering, and testing multilingual software and online help projects. For project managers, there is all the information needed for planning translation and localization projects, finding resources, and ensuring product quality. New to this second, fully updated and revised edition are chapters on internationalization, multilingual desktop publishing, and software quality assurance. The book has been designed both as a reference work and a teaching tool.

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