Eusko legebiltzarra: aldizkari ofiziala / Parlamento Vasco: Boletín Oficial (2011)

eusko legebiltzarra aldizkari ofiziala parlamento vasco bolet237n oficial 2011?Eusko legebiltzarra: aldizkari ofiziala / Parlamento Vasco: Boletín Oficial (2011)
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Publisher: —
Publication date: 2010-2011
Number of pages: 3402
Format: pdf / excellent
Size: 16 MB

Some weeks ago I downloaded some issues of the Basque Parliament’s official bulletin of 2010 and 2011, extracted the bilingual pages and made a single pdf with them.
I decided to share this material here because I think it might be of interest for several reasons:
1) For advanced students of Basque who need to render more ellaborated sentences.
2) For Basque translators and linguists as a reference, because of the convenient parallel text format and the administrative character of the text.
3) To prove that, contrary to what some people believe, Basque, as well as every language on the planet, is perfectly suited for all kind of purposes: official administration, science, technology, poetry or literature.


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