The Moving Text: Localization, Translation, and Distribution

the moving text localization translation and distribution?

The Moving Text: Localization, Translation, and Distribution
Author: Anthony Pym
Publisher: John Benjamins Pub Co
Publication date: March 2004
ISBN: 1588115089
Number of pages: 214
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 3 MB

For the discourse of localization, translation is often “just a language problem”. For translation theorists, localization introduces fancy words but nothing essentially new. Both views are probably right, but only to an extent. This book sets up a dialogue across those differences. Is there anything that translation theory can gain from localization? Can localization theory learn anything from the history and complexity of translation? To address those questions, both terms are placed within a more general frame, that of text transfer. Texts are distributed in time and space; localization and translation respond differently to those movements; their relative virtues are thus brought out on common ground.
Anthony Pym here reviews not only key problems in translation theory, but also critical concepts such as cultural resistance, variable transaction costs, segmentation of the labour market, and the dehumanization of technical discourse. The book closes with a plea for the humanizing virtues of translation, over and above the efficiencies of localization.

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