Theatrical Translation and Film Adaptation

theatrical translation and film adaptation?
ByfjboskoTheatrical Translation and Film Adaptation
Author: Phyllis Zatlin
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 1-85359-832-1
Number of pages: 235pdf-excellent quality
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Product Description
Translation and film adaptation of theatre have received little study. In filling that gap, this book draws on the experiences of theatrical translators and on movie versions of plays from various countries. It also offers insights into such concerns as the translation of bilingual plays and the choice between subtitling and dubbing of film.
About the Author
Phyllis Zatlin is Professor of Spanish and coordinator of translator training at Rutgers University. She has been associate editor of the journal Estreno, contributing editor of Western European Stages, and general editor of ESTRENO Plays translation series. Her books include Cross-Cultural Approaches to Theatre: The Spanish-French Connection (1994) and The Novels and Plays of Eduardo Manet, an Adventure in Multi-Culturalism (2000).

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