A Concise Manchu-English Lexicon

a concise manchu-english lexicon?

A Concise Manchu-English Lexicon
Author: Jerry Norman
Date: 1978 this edition, 1936 first edition
Pages: xii + 325 = 337
Format / Quality: scanned book in PDF / Excellent, Searchable Word document .DOC
Size: 44,2 MB (incl. +5% recovery)
Language: Manchu, English

A Manchu-English dictionary of about 20 000 entries.
“The aim of the present dictionary is to provide a basic learning tool for the student of Manchu, be he an historian, student of Chinese literature, or linguist. It is concise in the sense that it does not contain examples of usage (except in rare instances); nor does it contain a complete listing of archaic forms and variant spellings. Place and personal names, names of books, designations of various rare Chinese mythological curiosities and little-known deities have also been omitted. Even so, I believe that the reader of Manchu will find most of the words he encounters in his texts here and will only very occasionally be obliged to consult a more comprehensive lexicon.”

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