Musei ejen Isus Heristos-i tutabuha ice hese

musei ejen isus heristos-i tutabuha ice hese?Musei ejen Isus Heristos-i tutabuha ice hese
Author: translated into the Manchu language by Stepan Vasiliyevich Lipovtsov
Publication date: 1835
Number of pages: 80
Format: PDF
Size: 36.72 MB
Language: Manchu

A pdf scan of the original Manchu copy of the Holy Gospel according to St. Mark (enduringge evanggelium Marha-i ulaha songqui) located at the state library in Irkustk diocese.
The Manchu New Testament was published in brief portions from 1822 and as a complete book from 1835 and again in Shanghai in 1929. Two copies of this work are kept in the Library of Congress (B-a18, B-a19) as well as six copies of the 1835 edition (B-a12 to B-a17).
The pdf also does not contain any publication date. Most Manchu, Mongolian and Chinese works place the date of publication on the very last pages before the end cover. The page numbers run sequentially from 1 to 39, but numbered in the Manchu style where a page is taken to mean two open pages thus every page has a left and a right leaf. The manuscript is textually complete as the last word on the last page (39/80) is ‘ameng’, but a small tear appears at the bottom-right of p.39/80 which suggests that the back cover is missing. This may be an original 1822 serial or a later offprint of one gospel from the complete NT that appeared in 1835.
As to the author, this is the translation by ???????? ?????? ?????????? (Stepan Vasiliyevich Lipovtsov) (1770-1841) who learned Manchu after journeying to Beijing in 1794 as a member of the eighth Russian Ecclesiastical Mission. He was commissioned by the London based British and Foreign Bible Society to produce a translation of the New Testament in Manchu and it was his translation that was published from 1822 onwards, first as serials and then (when the work was finished) as a complete New Testament.


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