Sibe-Chinese Language Texts

sibe-chinese language texts?
Sibe-Chinese Language Texts
Author: Jin Ning, Jin Bingje
Publisher: Xinjiang People’s Publishing
Publication date: 1992
ISBN: 7228022963
Number of pages: 128
Format: PDF, moderate | Audio MP3
Size: 4.1 | 15.4 MB
Source languages: Sibe, Chinese

This is really not a textbook per se as there are no grammatical explanations or notes of any sort. It’s more like a conversational phrasebook with interlinear Chinese translation.
There are 30 different conversations covering all the typical topics, asking directions, inquiring about one’s health, discussing the weather, etc.
This is a great book for those who are interested specifically in Sibe and whose reading skills are advanced enough to try reading actual modern Sibe text. Even if you don’t know any Chinese, you can learn a lot from this book with decent script reading skills and a Manchu English dictionary by your side (which can be found elsewhere on this site).
And probably the greatest part about this is the audio – unless you watch the Cabcal Sibe news online, there aren’t many samples of this language available to the general public.


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