Soldierly Methods: Vade Mecum for an Iconoclastic Translation of Sun Zi bingfa

soldierly methods vade mecum for an iconoclastic translation of sun zi bingfa?

Soldierly Methods: Vade Mecum for an Iconoclastic Translation of Sun Zi bingfa
(Sun Zi’s Art of War)
Publisher: Sino-Platonic Papers; U Penn
ISBN: 3447033703
Date: 2008
Pages: 214
Format: PDF excellent quality, OCR
Size: 15 MB
Source languages: English, Manchu

This is a companion to Victor H. Mair, tr., annot., and intro., The Art of War: Sun Zi’s Military Methods (New York: Columbia University Press, 2007). Although it repeats much of the material in the published translation, the present monograph differs significantly in the following respects: it expands significantly on various aspects of the discussion on the text and its author, particularly in the philological and linguistic analysis of key terms; it is somewhat bolder in the positions taken with regard to controversial matters; it includes a transcription and word-for-word gloss of the Manchu translation of the text; and it omits the translation and annotations of the original text, for which the reader is invited to consult the volume published by Columbia University Press (2007), where the following chapters will be found in their entirety:

Chapter 1: (Initial) Assessments
Chapter 2: Doing Battle
Chapter 3: Planning for the Attack
Chapter 4: Positioning
Chapter 5: Configuration
Chapter 6: Emptiness and Solidity
Chapter 7: The Struggle of Armies
Chapter 8: Nine Varieties
Chapter 9: Marching the Army
Chapter 10: Ground Forms
Chapter 11: Nine Types of Ground
Chapter 12: Incendiary Attack
Chapter 13: Using Spies

It is hoped that the present monograph will be of assistance both to serious researchers on the Sun Zi and to the interested layman.

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