An etymological dictionary of pre-thirteenth-century Turkish

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An etymological dictionary of pre-thirteenth-century Turkish
Author: Gerard Clauson; with a preface by A. Róna-Tas.
Publisher: Oxford University Press – Studia Uralo-Altaica – 14-15 – 1972
ISBN: 0198641125
Format: Pdf
Size: 190 Mb

This is the essential dictionary for early Turkic language study. Materials available in these langauges include various inscriptions, Manichaen texts, Buddhist texts, Christian texts (primarily Nestorian) and a variety of texts as you would expect in any language – legal documents, medicinal, astronomical, astrological, omen, magic etc. The lanuages include various stages of Turku, Uighur, Kirgiz, Xakani, Ogus, Kipcak, Chagatay … The dictionary is well arranged and readable. An essential reference for the entire family of languages.

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