A short descriptive grammar of Turkmen language

a short descriptive grammar of turkmen language?

A short descriptive grammar of Turkmen language
Author: Gray David
Publisher: Cheltenham
Publication date: 1994
ISBN: 979-462-883-2
Number of pages: 32
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 478,6KB

Turkmen is a Turkic language, part of the South-Western or Oguz sub-group which includes Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Gagauz. It is an agglutinative language i.e. it has a highly developed system of noun and verb suffixes that can produce some very long words indeed, e.g. from the word okuw which means ‘study’ the following word / sentence can be derived: okuwçylaryňkymyka? – I wonder if it belongs to the school children? There are over six million speakers of Turkmen world-wide, most of them located in Turkmenistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. Turkmen society is still fairly tribal, so that the Turkmen language is made up of several dialects.


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