Music of Turkman Sahra

music of turkman sahra?Music of Turkman Sahra
Performed by Ostad Nazarli Mahjoubi & Ashur Galdi Garkazi
Label: Barbad Music
Publication date: 2011
ASIN: B0026P9ZE4
Format: MP3
Size: 80,7 Mb

Nazarli Mahjoubi , one of the greatest of Turkmen Baqshis, was born in 1929 in Chay-Gachar. At the age of eleven he was taught by Qara-Baqshi – a friend of his father – for a period of one year and was taken by him to local congregations. Nazarli was a master of all four maqams (modes) of Turkmen music and for 55 year was regarded as the ultimate performer and singer of the music of his native land. He lived in Chay-Qushan, a district of Gonbad, and earned his living by farming and cattle breeding.


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