Turkmen Language Manual

turkmen language manual?Turkmen Language Manual
Author: David Tyson, Larry Clark
Publisher: Peace Corps
Publication date: 1993
Number of pages: 185
Format: Pdf – good
Size: 127,03 MB

The manual of standard Turkmen language is designed to teach basic language skills that Peace Corps volunteers need during a tour in Turkmenistan. An introductory section gives information about the Turkmen language, including a brief history, notes on the alphabet, vowel and consonant sounds, rules of vowel harmony, and specific grammatical forms (nominal and verbal words, affixes, articles, personal pronouns, postpositions, relative clauses, complex sentences, word order). Lessons are organized by topic: personal identification and greetings; conversations with hosts; food and food etiquette; transportation; getting, giving and clarifying directions; shopping; comunication systmes; medical issues; comunication in social situations; and workplace comunication. Each lesson includes some or all of these elements: cultural notes on the topic in question, a list of intented competencies, a brief dialogue in Turkmen, a vocabulary list, and grammar and vocabulary notes. Appended materials consist of the dialogues in English, calendar related vocabulary, numbers, terms of address, anatomy and health, school terminology, notes on verb conjugation, and a glossary of the words contained in the dialogues.


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