Rail tours in Vietnam – Get free DVD

rail tours in vietnam - get free dvd?

Rail tours in Vietnam – Get free DVD
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Now known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the land of the Vietnamese has undergone many changes through many struggles over the centuries. A thousand years of Chinese rule, followed by another thousand years of consolidation, expansion, civil wars, wars against the Cham empire and the Kmers, further expansion, colonialisation by the French, war against the French, partition into 2 countries, the Vietnam War, reunification of North & South, and finally, after ridding the world of the murderous Pol Pot regime in neighbouring Cambodia, they found peace.

The North has been the cradle of the Vietnamese people (Dai Viet) for over 4,000 years – including a time when they led the world in technical advancements during the Bronze Age. Over the past 1000 years the Vietnamese from the Red River area have gradually expanded southwards and displaced the southern Cham peoples (from Indonesian archipelago) along the coastal strip linking the Red River and Mekong River deltas. Today, this prime piece of real estate resembles the shape of the letter “S” and serves as home to around 85 million people from over 54 different ethnic groups.

Rich in natural beauty and endowed with many World Heritage listed sites, Vietnam’s re-awakening has finally gained the attention of the world. When we first toured Vietnam in 1989 and the early 90s it was like witnessing a country that had been encapsulated in a time bubble …the asia of yesteryear.

Now, in the 21st century, the resilient Vietnamese have hit the Refresh button, joined ASEAN, and are modernising at a fair clip …the next generation has arrived! Sadly for tourists but happily for the Vietnamese, the thatched houses are quickly being replaced by brick & concrete structures …who knows where they’ll be in 2020!

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